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Only very large organizations can employ full-time professional grant writers, and even they need help from time to time. Further, for-profit businesses and other organizations may not live in "grant world" and will not be familiar with grant processes or rules.

Now you can level the playing field.  MorrisonGrants can help you navigate the process to position your project to be eligible for the greatest funding possible with the smallest possible cash match. We can often successfully address rules and other obstacles that may appear to disqualify a project.

The Morrison Advantage

Why us? For one, our track record: The average success rate for federal grant programs is perhaps 20 percent, Morrison & Company has been blessed with a success record of over 80 percent on full grant proposals since its founding in 2002.

Further, our team unites the planning and feasibility expertise of Certified Public Accountants with the skills of experienced professional writers. Many grant programs call for budgets, financial projections, strategic or business plans and similar requirements; we can do it all, saving you the time and additional cost of turning to other professionals for these services separately. Check out our business consulting site, www.morrisonco.net.

Our Grants

Programs for which we have written proposals include:

  • Biomass Research and Development Initiative
  • Emerging Markets Program (USDA)
  • Food Protection Rapid Response Team and Program Infrastructure Improvement Prototype Project (FDA)
  • Risk Management Education
  • Rural Business Enterprise Grants
  • Rural Energy for America Program
  • Specialty Crop Research Initiative (CSREES)
  • Value-Added Producer Grants (USDA)
  • Many others

Our Clients

Our clients include:

  • Privately held businesses
  • Cooperatives
  • Steering committees seeking to form companies
  • Universities
  • State governmental entities
  • Trade associations and similar nonprofit organizations


We charge by the hour; the hours required varies depending on the program and how much of the basic information gathering your organization can do.

Please contact us for a free estimate.