We are pleased to offer these free templates for use in your grant proposals.*

  • Key Personnel TemplateMost grant proposals require biographical information on key personnel. Many applicants underestimate the importance of this: powerful biographical information can be a key factor in demonstrating your ability to successfully complete a project. In Microsoft Word 97 – 2003 format.
  • Support Letter TemplatesProposals often require evidence of industry, community, and/or political support. This file contains guidance and templates for support letters from economic development organizations, commodity associations, city governments, county supervisors, state legislators, and U.S. congress members and senators. In Microsoft Word 97 – 2003 format.
  • Map of USVisual aids can be an important way to demonstrate your project's impact. This US Map shows all 50 US states; change the colors of states to show your project's impact area. In Microsoft PowerPoint 97 – 2003 format. INSTRUCTIONS: Select link above to open map (for some versions of PowerPoint you may need to save the file before editing). To change titles, click the text box containing the title and edit the text.  To change colors, click the legend box, then click the color boxes.  Use the format painter to change the color of the states to match.  Alternatively, right click the states and color boxes in the legend to bring up a menu, then select Format Shape > Fill to select color and other fill options. 

* These templates are the copyrighted property of Morrison & Company and may not be resold or used for any purpose other than to aid an applicant in the preparation of their proposal or application. Use by paid grant writers and consultants prohibited.