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Debunking Grant Myths

Many clients approach Morrison & Company because they have a project idea and need funding; or the opposite, they hear grant funding is available and want to know if their organization would be a good fit as a recipient. It all begins with an idea. Our consultants are here to help clients flesh out those ideas and mold them into a reality. However, many people shy away from applying due to preconceived notions of who is eligible for funding and how funds can be spent. 


Leona’s Little Blue Butterfly

With April and its showers now behind us, you can see May’s flowers in bold abundance.  Those flowers play host to another one of nature’s beauties: butterflies.


Geoff's Greatest Grants V

Welcome back my friends to the Land of Weird.  So much to choose from this time around…


Geoff's Greatest Grants IV

Welcome back to the ‘land of weird’ my friends. Oh, and before I forget: “Happy Egg Month.” 

People often ask us “Am I eligible for grants?”  The answer is a tough one since all grants have their own eligibility criteria. 

Geoff's Greatest Grants III

With April 15 having come and gone, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on where our tax dollars are being spent.  I’m sure you gazed lovingly at your Form 1040 and sealed that envelope with a kiss before placing it in the capable hand of the USPS; now I hope you find comfort in the following grant programs:

Geoff's Greatest Grants 2

This Week in  WeirdExtra! Extra! Read all about it; more news from the land of the strange and bizarre!  For those of you waiting anxiously for more news on Wyoming’s pygmy rabbits . . . your wait is over, my friends.

Weird Sheep Picture

Geoff's Greatest Grants

Weird Sheep PictureWe often get asked, “What’s the craziest grant you’ve ever seen?”  Well that’s a fine question and could easily segue into a debate on the virtues of using tax-payer money for “pork” projects.  Of course, if you are the recipient of such funds, there’s no such thing as “pork;” those other guys are just bitter they didn’t get their share.  No, this posting will not explore that debate; I fear I already have said too much on the subject.  Instead, I’ll just share some of the more weird and bizarre grants that we’ve come across. 

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